"As a 3 time Olympian, I have worked with therapists all over the country and Melina was who I chose to work with during my 2016 Olympic try. She is extremely professional, determined to give her very best and help you to achieve your desired treatment goals, even if it takes her extra time. You will absolutely love working with Melina."

DeeDee T.

Gold and Bronze Medalist

"Amazing service and I use Melina weekly. Helps all my stress and pain issues. A must!!"

Nancy N.

"Melina is great! I came to her with significant pain in both knees and hip tightness/mobility issues due to plantar fasciitis and 10 years as a long-distance runner. She is very thorough and thoughtful, and great at identifying the areas needing attention. I had not realized just how tight some of my leg muscles were, and she was able to work through a lot of the issues that were impairing my ability to run. I noticed reduction of muscle tightness and pain after a handful of weekly visits. I have learned the importance of getting regular massages if I continue to run long distances, and Melina will be the person I turn to in the future."

Laura F.

"She worked on my muscles with intuitive and healing hands. I didn't realize how much stress I stored in my body until this massage. She paid special attention to problem areas (tense thighs and neck) and was diligent in rubbing out the knots which left me feeling loose and relaxed. It also felt detoxifying and definitely elevating. Melina doesn't cut corners when it comes to time as well, she will do whatever it takes to make significant progress with removing nagging tension from my body. More than just a massage."

Monique P.